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Horse racing

The living in a horse truck is in fact a small camper. Being separated from the stable part of the truck this can be furnished completely on demand for example with sleeping, cooking and/or bathing possibilities.

Motorcycle racing

The demands on a car in this type of sport are usually quite different. The back part of the car can be equipped as garage where the front part can be furnished as a living with or without sleeping possibilities. The garage can be designed for just repairing but also for transporting motorcycles inside. Everything is tailor-made in order to fulfil all the customers wishes.

(Stock)car and Kart racing

In this type of sport a bigger garage is necessary. A good option therefore is a converted truck or semi-trailer.

It can be equipped with a spacious living where several people can eat, sleep or relax in between races.

As always everything can be made according to the customers specifications and whishes.

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